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Audiology is a specialty which evaluates and treats hearing and balance disorders. Our practice offers a wide spectrum of testing, evaluation and treatment options for the management of hearing loss and related disorders in all ages. Our audiologist performs ABR's, ECOG's, comprehensive hearing tests in a calibrated sound booth, and makes custom ear plugs as well as fits hearing devices.

Our goal is to provide you the best possible hearing health care, based upon your individual needs and preferences. There are exciting developments in the area of hearing aid technology today. Advances have been made in the last few years that better address hearing loss. These benefits include being able to hear more clearly in noisy environments, reduced feedback (whistling), a more comfortable fit, and a design so small one barely notices the instrument at all.

Even the best hearing instrument will not restore normal hearing; hearing aids simply amplify sound. However, the new technologies help people experience noticeable improvement in hearing and understanding.

DH Providers JuleeZornesChoosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a hearing-impaired person can make. Any hearing professional at Donald E. Hamilton MD Hearing Aid Center is a bonafide audiologist. An audiologist is specially trained in evaluating and assisting those with hearing disorders, both adults and children. After completing a basic four year college degree, they must continue studying to earn a minimum of a Master's degree and currently a Doctorate in Audiology. Before being licensed to practice audiology, one still must complete a one year internship and pass a national competency test. Not to be confused with a ‘hearing aid specialist’, an audiologist has extensive training to enable them to recognize and assist with a broad spectrum of hearing-related disorders.

Proper hearing testing, hearing aid selection and fitting depends on a skilled, trained professional guiding the selection of the most appropriate instrument. Whether you choose the most modern, technologically advanced instrument or prefer one more basic, we meet your need from the beginning of the process and on for a lifetime...

  • Testing your hearing with thoroughness only a trained audiologist can accomplish
  • Guiding you through all available brands and options to select the instrument best suited to meet your individual need. We are not limited to any one manufacturer of hearing instruments, but are able to recommend from a wide range of products to find the very best one.
  • Fitting and programming the chosen instrument to optimize your hearing, enabling you to join conversations and life again.
  • Following up with any adjustments you may need for the lifetime of any instrument you purchase from us with no additional charge. We provide a free two year warrantee for each aid, and are happy to send to the manufacture for repair (at a nominal cost) any device requiring repair beyond the two year warrantee period.
  • We are concerned about you and make hearing solution recommendations to fit your lifestyle and personal needs.

All this is accomplished with an Ear, Nose and Throat physician in the same office should needs arise which require more skill than even a highly trained audiologist can provide. Our patients enjoy the convenience of both services being available in the same, friendly facility.

Hearing Aid prices range from $1000 to $4000 each, depending on features and circuit complexity. On the day of order, half the cost of the instrument(s) is due. The remainder is due at the hearing aid fitting appointment one to two weeks later, when the aid is actually adjusted to your ear. As most insurance policies do not cover hearing aids, these costs are your responsibility. You may want to bring a spouse, family member or friend to your evaluation, as their questions and input are sure to be valuable to you.

Dr. Hamilton has practiced ENT in Fort Walton Beach since 1987, gaining the respect of local physicians and patients alike. His reputation of reliance and trustworthiness, coupled with the convenience of receiving hearing assistance and medical care under one roof, make the Donald E. Hamilton MD Hearing Aid Center the most reasonable choice.

We would like for you to choose our office for hearing services, but if not; we highly recommend that you use a facility that has qualified, certified audiologists. Your hearing is too important to do otherwise.

Our friendly and efficient staff await your call. Most hearing aid evaluations can be scheduled within a few days of hearing from you. Why wait? Join those who are now...

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